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Excerpts from genuine testimonials (names withheld)

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I was extremely unhappy because of depression & anxiety and was close to losing my life as i knew it, as I was pushing everyone away with my behaviour, sound familiar? Finding Baz has been the best thing for my life. He taught me that there ARE ways that can help you. That I didn't have to think that these feelings would be for life. He taught me techniques that I was sceptical of at first but soon realised that by really using them I began to feel better. Baz was extremely understanding and easy to talk to. I thought the sessions would be me talking for 99% of it which i dreaded, but it wasn't like that. It was like having a conversation with a very wise person who instantly made you feel not only at ease but that there was a light at the end of tunnel. Each session I had I began to feel better.

I was worried about the sessions ending but because I had the techniques Baz taught me I successfully returned to work and I’m glad to say am doing well. I fear that if I had not seen Baz my life would be a very different story.

Please don't think you can always get through this on your own or you’re embarrassed about admitting your feelings, Baz is not just a counsellor he is a man who can show you how to be truly happy. HM

I was sceptical, nervous, didn't really believe in all this counselling business, its my private life, why should I sit in a room and speak to a complete stranger and discuss personal matters, there's nothing wrong with my life! I can tell you now... I was so WRONG !

The first couple of sessions I'll be honest completely exhausted me, not physically but emotionally. I didn't realise just how much I was carrying, all on my own. Over a couple of weeks I began to trust my counsellor. I was never pushed, I could talk as much or as little as I wanted (times I would just cry). I could stay or even go when I wanted. The whole process was in MY control. At no time did I ever feel embarrassed or at all judged.

Bude counselling IS genuine. Not just caring and compassionate but also empowering, insightful and progressive. A very safe, non-judgmental place which enabled me to open up and be more honest than I have ever been before (even to myself!) I have learned that I am a very sensitive person. Not only does this explain so many things about my behaviour and personality, but it has made me much more aware (and accepting) of other people's quirks. I have learned how to control negative thinking, which has made me a much happier person and has certainly made a huge impact on my life and the people associated with it. I am no longer self-censoring internally any more. Even though I'm nearly 50 I feel I have grown as a person. Decisions I make I feel confident about and I stand by. My boundaries are strong. Boundaries Ha! never had these before, people would walk all over me, no more!  I can make mistakes, after all I am only human and better still, I can laugh at myself.

I do not have enough praise for this fantastic professional service. I also know that the door is always open for me too, 24/7.

What can I say . . .  Bude Counselling a service that really can change your life!

In 2013 after the death of a close relative, the lid blew off a water butt off stress that had been building up for years, one that I didn’t admit even to myself existed. I had a mental meltdown; all the certainties of life disappeared overnight- I felt completely lost, a bobbing cork in a torrent of life. I had no idea it was possible to feel so wretched, so awful, so thoroughly lost and hopeless, and had thoughts of harming others and myself. This frightened me and I reached out for help and placed all my trust at my most vulnerable time in a total stranger - Baz at Bude Counselling.

As a man we are not supposed to cry, but are supposed to be in control, but I felt the complete opposite. Baz simply ‘understood’. I cannot express how good it felt to know that I wasn't going mad, that he really understood! Baz warned me where my doctor didn’t, that the first few weeks of anti-depressants might take you to hell and back, and gave me some tools to survive the worst days, weeks and months.

A year on and I'm in so much a better place, though not completely recovered, in many ways I am better than I was, a better more aware version of the old me....but still on the long road to total recovery. I cannot express my thanks enough to Baz, he knows that....and if anyone reads this and is feeling like you are losing your mind, Baz will help, and thank God for Baz!