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Individual and Couple Counselling in Bude

I felt compelled to write a review after receiving counselling from Baz. His professionalism combined with empathy and understanding made me feel completely comfortable during every session.

Having previously received therapy from a number of different sources including other counsellors, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, I was extremely apprehensive as nothing seemed to have any lasting effect.

Baz has completely changed my life, I actually look forward to the future and can cope with every situation presented to me, something that I have never been able to do throughout my life. I can’t recommend Bude Counselling Room highly enough. I honestly don’t know where I would be today without Baz’s help.

Thank you xx

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Recently, due to marital problems, my husband and I had reason to consult with one of your counsellors, Baz, at Neetside, Bude. Initially I was very apprehensive as I am not comfortable discussing personal problems with a stranger. Baz was very understanding and allayed any anxieties immediately.

Throughout subsequent appointments he supplied us with advice and strategies to overcome our problems and to aid our recovery in a very professional and non-judgmental way.

Baz is a great credit to your organisation and we thank you for the excellent service that we have received.

Yours faithfully, CP

I found myself struggling with life. I wasn't coping, and nothing seemed to help. I'd lost a sense of who I was, nothing I did seemed right, and it seemed that no one could help me.

I have been to a couple of other counsellors in the past, with some effect at the time, but I still found myself in this troubled state that I'd been before. I had heard that CBT was different, so wanted to give it a go. At the first session I told Baz what I wanted - to turn away from the negative and stop the self-destructive thoughts which plagued my mind. I didn't want to go over the past endlessly, as I'd done that before. What I needed was help to change. Baz said he could help ... and he did! The 6 sessions that I had with him were totally transformative. He gave me tools to deal with life, exercises to practise, and the support to make the change.

If anyone is struggling with life, I would thoroughly recommend that they seek out Baz.

Thank you Baz, for being a beacon of light when it is dark.  AW

Baz asked me if I would fill in this questionnaire at my last meeting with him. I thought it would be more worthwhile to assess the help he was able to give me, if I waited to respond for a few weeks, to see how I was coping without the regular re-enforcement of my morale he was giving me.

I found Baz both sensitive and objective and our sessions were very useful. We knew that my going forward would not be easy and that change can sometimes take a long time.

I admit I miss my sessions with him. They were very worthwhile and already there have been situations, where I have asked myself, what would Baz advise? This has helped.

I would be glad if you could let Baz know I have completed this form. Please let him know I did not forget to do it!  (A.S.)

Excerpts from genuine testimonials (names withheld)

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I would like to highly recommend the services offered here at the Bude Counselling Rooms.  I found the hardest step was making the first call. But please don't hesitate, because once you do, your problems which can seem huge, will be dealt with in the most humane, gentle way.

Baz has completely changed my life, my relationship with my husband and my children's lives through his caring, no nonsense approach during our couples counselling. His knowledge and understanding of the issues and dynamics going on between myself and my husband were immense.  He could read us like a book and I'm afraid we were a tough couple to get through to, but with his caring perseverance, we both came away feeling like we had a new lease on our relationship and lives ahead.  Baz gave us the tools and the awareness necessary to make positive changes in what seemed like a doomed relationship. I cannot thank him enough for that. In this day and age it can seem like we should be able to sort our lives out ourselves, but sometimes we all need a little guidance.  In just 6 sessions, we were shown the way to make our lives together better, how to work as a team and how to love again.  Baz does all that in the most caring and sincere way.  He is an exceptional counsellor and a real asset to the community.  Thank you!