Individual and Couple Counselling in Bude

Marriage & Couple Relationships

Individual therapy is quite different from relationship counselling and I have seen hundreds of couples over the years in my counselling room. Relationships can be a great source of fulfilment, but when they are problematic it can cause a great deal of emotional distress, guilt, disappointment, rejection or loneliness. If you are currently suffering because of relationship difficulties, counselling can help to show you healthier patterns of relating. Counselling provides a safe arena for you to explore your differences and similarities while discussing your concerns about your relationship.

Relationships can be a fulfilling and pleasurable area of life, but they can sometimes become full of conflict. Relationship counselling sessions for individuals or couples, helps you to identify and work through your difficulties and find more fulfilling ways of relating to one another. Qualified and experienced in all aspects of couple counselling, I am able to quickly get to the root of the problems. These may include difficulty in understanding patterns in relationships, abuse (including domestic violence), sexuality, and issues involving major transitions such as: cohabitation, marriage, re-marriage, separation, divorce, and stepchildren.

Many people hit problems because they see love as an essential emotion that needs to be present all the time. If in time the emotion fades, they feel that they must get it back to the same degree or go their separate ways. Some couple’s ideas are so idealistic that they are expecting a real life fairy tale. Well, you may be shocked to know that this is something that is rarer than hen’s teeth. Most relationships need maintenance and a good degree of mutual understanding. When I see couples they are often surprised to learn that what they are going through is normal, even though the dynamics of their relationship are complicated. Nearly everyone has to put some effort into their relationship, otherwise, just like the forgotten pot plant in the corner of the room, it dies.

You may be wondering if your relationship can be saved. Well, remembering back to the early days of being together, perhaps you can remember the joy and excitement of being together and wanting to spend much of your time with each other. Somewhere along the line, due to many reasons, that ‘spark’ in your relationship may have gradually diminished. It may have even been a sudden loss of trust or many other reasons. Somehow, you feel that something has happened to make you aware of what's lacking in your relationship and you still have some faint hope that maybe it's not too late to make things right again.

I work with a number of different problems; however, relationships are my speciality. If your spouse refuses to engage with relationship therapy, but you want to seek outside help, then enter relationship counselling on your own. Just make sure the the counsellor is aware that you are not there for individual therapy, but for help with your relationship. My hope is, that reading this article will be enough to bring you both to a mutual agreement that you may need help. It may be enough to save you both from the huge trauma of splits, separation and divorce. Not least because those who have been through it will tell you, it is really costly to shell out in legal and other fees, not to mention the heartache all those concerned go through. So should you feel that seeing a professional counsellor would help your relationship, I would be pleased to discuss this with you both during a free initial assessment and consultation.

One further point that you may wish to consider: does marriage counselling work if you put off going until your relationship is in serious trouble? Well, it’s a bit like taking a walk – the further down the road you go, the further you have to walk to get back. How much further are you willing to let things deteriorate before you do something about it?

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