Individual and Couple Counselling in Bude

Life Changes…

At some point in our lives, we would all like to make improvements that would make us feel better about ourselves and our circumstances. Life constantly changes and sadly, some of those changes are unwanted. We often feel frozen in time by our own fears or surrounding circumstances. We often need to clarify areas of our lives that have become confused or blocked in some way. It is often useful to ‘take stock’ of what we are doing with our lives. Perhaps counselling can help to clarify your problem and concentrate on the areas of your life circumstances that you’d like to change.

Maybe things are fine, but you feel that you could do much better? Maybe you feel a bit disappointed in yourself or some part of your life? The first step to feeling better is doing better. Are you sure that you are being honest with yourself in recognizing your issues? Perhaps things have been like this for some time and you have only now realised that you have to make some changes. Maybe the changes have come to you and they are a bit scary?

What is the one thing going on in your life right now that makes you worry? What is it that you’re concerned about or ashamed to talk about? Perhaps you wish that it would go away, but every morning that you wake up you realise that it won’t go away unless you do something about it. Is it caused by something you have done or haven’t done? Was it caused by someone else or conditions outside of your control?

Begin now by thinking back to a time when you didn’t feel like this; what was happening then, what were you doing differently? Now think of something you could begin doing today to help the situation. Think of something you could stop doing right now that might help the situation. Is there anything you used to do but stopped doing; something you might begin again? Think of something you’re doing already that helps, something that you should continue doing.

Asking yourself these questions might set you on course again and allow you to get through these changes and regain some stability in your life. If you need further help, please consider making an appointment to see one of our Counsellors. It’s easier than you might think!

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