Suicide Prevention
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Suicide Prevention

Overcome AddictionsSuicide is one of those subjects that is considered taboo and many of us feel really uncomfortable discussing. If you are someone who feels suicidal, you may be feeling afraid that you might be considered some kind of lunatic if you admit to your feelings and tell someone. You may feel that there is nobody who will understand what you are going through. Your friends and family may have noticed that you are not yourself, but are afraid to say anything for fear that they will say the wrong thing and possible make things worse.

It is important to understand that feeling suicidal is not some kind of personality defect, it doesn't mean that a person is insane, or unimportant, it just means that the person has more pain than they feel they are able to cope with.

Talking openly to a trained therapist about your suicidal thoughts and feelings can assist you to cope with whatever is happening right now. It is important to know that you are not alone, many people have suicidal thoughts at some point in their lives, it is something that could happen to anyone. I was a Samaritan volunteer for a number of years and listened to many people who may have felt the same as you may be feeling right now. Suicidal thoughts can be very frightening. If you do feel you want to end your life, the thoughts and emotions will probably seem unbearable. Perhaps you feel like no-one cares, maybe you feel worthless, or that you are not even worth caring about. Maybe you have experienced hopelessness, shame, sadness, anger, self-hate, or have been completely overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control.

You don’t have to suffer in this way, private counselling can help you to understand why you feel so low, in time you will be able to overcome whatever problems you are experiencing and the pain of feeling suicidal will pass. Give yourself a little time, promise yourself that you will make an appointment to see our specialist counsellor. The first step to feeling better is to share your feelings with someone who will really listen.

You can call us to make an appointment, or you can email us in confidence on our secure email address. In your first session, your counsellor will talk to you about therapy goals depending on changes you want to make and the things you want achieve. Each counselling session will then work towards accomplishing your goals and overcoming any obstacles along the way. Finding help and support can be so comforting when you are feeling suicidal, individual therapy sessions give you a chance to talk openly with a counsellor on a one-on-one basis, in confidence and privacy.

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