I'm a trained, NCS

( National Counselling Society ) accredited Counsellor and Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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Hello ,

I'm an Integrative Counsellor in Bude.

Tailoring the sessions to each client and their individual needs, rather than shoehorn everyone into a set way of working. My aim is to enable  all clients to discover their own way forward.

Whatever you are struggling with at the moment, there is a route to a better place, where you can feel at ease with yourself and others.


 If you are struggling with any distressing thoughts, feelings or bahaviours, counselling could help.  If you've never seen a counsellor before, it  is understandable that you may feel  its not for you.  You may percieve it as an admission of  weakness. But the contrary is actually true, as it takes a  great deal of courage to face personal vulnerabilities.

Please take the difficult first step and come along to a counselling session.

As a counsellor my primary concern is the client’s well-being and right to self-govern.  I  believe in the fair and impartial treatment of all clients, which  means showing respect for diversity, without prejudice of  colour, religion, beliefs, gender, sexuality, social context, or  mental and physical disability.

I have worked for 2 charities in Devon as a Counsellor. One specialising in providing  counselling to young people  in schools and the other,working with adult clients. 

I love my job and really enjoy meeting new clients. 

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